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Agency For Emerging Voices

Agency for Emerging Voices, Inc. is a non-partisan action tank, a research organization that identifies markets for ideas and explores cultural trends that affect educational outcomes. We engage in projects that influence American culture to foster ingenuity, work ethic, and meaning, which creates relevance for young people and helps them create a better future for themselves.

Ideas So Crazy They Just Might Work

Adult, "real world" culture drives educational outcomes, but nobody wants to talk about that - even though we know that what students believe about their future reality dictates how they behave and the opportunities they seek now. Adults outside schools don't like to talk about that though, because then we become directly responsible ourselves. 

Our Mission »
How can we seriously expect young people to pursue lives fueled by curiosity, ingenuity, and grit--to bother with education at all, for that matter--if what we as a culture model for them is anxiety, boredom, indiscriminate consumerism, and fame-for-nothing? We’re pinpointing places we’ve been going wrong.

Our Research »
We love a good white paper just as much as the next researcher, but we’re not content to sit on the sidelines. We currently have several media projects in development.

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